Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Adoption and Murder

There is so much talk about the importance of letting your child know their heritage and explore their backgrounds and biological families. My guest on my talk radio show, Dr. Kirschner who is a forensic psychologist and psychoanalyst talked about murder and adoption. While the cases are extremely rare, there are people that can't cope without knowing and the rage inside of them is like a disease.
When we walk in someone else's shoes, we begin to understand their pain. Not all of us react in the same way but there is a knowing there.
Even with the tremendous pain of relinquishing my child for adoption, it has allowed me to see all sides of the adoption triad and I am grateful for this.
Open adoption and letting our kids explore who they are doesn't take away from us as adoptive parents ~ it justs adds to our role and who we are.

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