Thursday, October 14, 2010

Why do we Keep Secrets??

Do you ever think about the secret's we keep and why we keep them? I just finished the book, 'Sarah's Key' and the pain that went with keeping her secret and trying to bury the past. There is no closure. It made me think of all the children that had not been told they were adopted and all the birth mothers (and I'm one of them) that held the "shame" of bearing and relinquishing a child. And for what??

What are your secrets and why do you keep them? Do you have some type of outlet for them or do you push them down deep where they can't escape and no one can see? Would we share more with each other if we weren't so critical and judgmental? Why do we only bring our skeletons out at Halloween?! And they don't talk.........

Remember the catch phrase; "Don't air your dirty laundry?" Well, don't let the 'dirty laundry' fester and grow like a bacteria within you. Find a safe place to let it out and start the healing process.

I don't tell my girls, "Don't tell" ~ maybe because I grew up living that. Being honest about who we are; the good, the bad and the ugly (hmmm, sounds like a movie) helps us process life in general. Good lesson for our kids ~ for us.

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